Machine Tools

for European Gear Manufacturers

UK-based support for ultra-fine, fine, medium, & coarse pitch gear cutting.

Our new machines suit gear profiles from 1.25 Mn to 16.00 Mn with 3 key offerings: advanced technology, affordable pricing, and quick deliveries.

We also offer cutting tool stocking programs and dedicated application engineering for unparalleled tool design and delivery in the industry.

Featured Gear Cutting Machines

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Hobbing & Power Skiving Applications

Bevel Gears
Face Gears
Helical Gears
Sector Gears
Spur Gears
Worm Gears

Retrofitting & rebuilding for gear cutting machines.

Gear hobbing machine retrofitting offers production capability to suit tomorrow’s gear manufacturing needs at today’s budget.

Re-control and re-build service requirements range from the complete re-manufacturing of the machine to simply repairing the machine’s deficient areas, such as CNC re-control and motor replacement.

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