Deburring & Chamfering Solutions

Our machines deburr & chamfer gears with CNC and automation solutions.

Finishing techniques such as deburring, chamfering, and grinding improve both component and overall system longevity.

We offer the machines, tools, and services to enable the performance optimization of gears, worms, splines, and other radially repeating forms.

Featured Deburring & Chamfering Machines

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Finishing Applications

Bevel Gears
Face Gears
Helical Gears
Sector Gears
Spur Gears
Worm Gears

Finishing Machines & Tools

TM 200-R3
TM 200-3SC
TM 250
TM 1000
Tyrolit Mira Ultra
Tyrolit Mira Ice
Tyrolit Mira BG

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