CNC Gear Shaping Machine

20.3 DP

Max Module


Max Gear Diameter


Max Shaping Length

High-speed CNC shaping.
2,000 stokes per minute.
Up to eight CNC axes.
Flexible automation system with options.

Capable workpiece clamping system.
Collet W20.
Expanding arbor W20.
Between centers with front driver.

Versatile shaping cutters.
Disc type.
Bell type.
Shank type.

Flexible automation systems.
Linear loader.
Robotic loader.
Various magazine systems.


Up to eight CNC axes for application versatility.


Flexible automation system with special design options.


Up to 2,000 strokes per minute for short cycle times.


Part diameters up to 3.15" and shaft lengths up to 4.72".

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

The M673 gear shaping machine from Monnier + Zahner offers universal shaping for the machining of internal and external gears and other tooth profiles that can be manufactured by the shaping process.

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M673 Technical Specifications

Maximum pitch rating 1.25 mn 20.32 DP
Gear maximum O.D. 80 mm 3.15 in
Maximum workpiece length 120 mm 4.72 in
Maximum shaping length 27 mm 1.06 in
Stroke length 10-30 mm 0.4-1.18 in
Cutting speed maximum 2000 strokes/min -
Length 2400 mm 95 in
Width 3100 mm 122 in
Height 3000 mm 118 in
Mass 9000 kg 19,842 lb
Stroke length 30 mm 1.18 in
Backoff - -
Tool rotation - -
Taper +/-5 degrees -
Workpiece ratation - -
Radial position -44 - 176 mm -1.73 - 6.93 in
Stroke (saddle) position 51 - 246 mm 2.01 - 9.69 in
Tailstock position 57 - 252 mm 2.24 - 9.92 in

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