Helios Hera 90

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

8.5 DP

Max Pitch Rating


RPM Hob Speed


CNC Axes

High-speed direct-drive hob head with CNC shifting:
Automatic retraction of X-axis during power failure, preventing hob damage.

Direct drive torque motor for the work spindle:
Driven via FANUC® spindle motor with rotary encoder for accuracy.

Flexible standard dialogue program offering:
One or two gears on a single workpiece.
Radial, axial, climb, and/or conventional hobbing on single- or two-cut cycle.
Crowning (lead modification) and deburring using two equal hobs.
Automatic shifting over broken hob section.
Optional re-hobbing (skiving).

CNC by FANUC® 0i-MF with 7 axes (optional 8 with gantry automation):
Tangential position of hob head (shifting) by CNC.

Optional 90-W configuration:
Long-shaft hobbing with optional 600 mm (23.62 in), 700 mm (27.56 in), or greater lengths.

Miter gear (straight bevel gear) cutting:
Index milling and Conikron generating for modules ≤ 0.5 mn, 50.8 DP.

Quality components and construction:
Precision, repeatability, and control with Heidenhain® linear scales on the X-axis.
Cast iron machine base with slant bed for optimum stability, dampening, and chip removal.


Minimal footprint for maximum production.


Conversational programming for quick, easy setup.


Quality components and construction.


Equipped to produce a variety of gear types and hobbed profiles.

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

The Hera 90 CNC gear hobbing machine combines advanced technology, precision components, and economic pricing to enable profitable production of high-quality spur gears, helical gears, straight bevel gears, and other hobbed profiles.

Hera 90 Technical Specifications

Maximum pitch rating, hobbing 3.00 mn 8.5 DP
Minimum number of teeth 4 -
Maximum workpiece diameter 90 mm 3.543 in
Maximum axial travel (minimum - maximum position) 295 mm (80 - 375 mm) 11.614 in (3.150 - 14.764 in)
Maximum axial travel (90-W configuration) 700+ mm 27.56+ in
Maximum workpiece length - manually loaded 320 mm 12.600 in
Maximum workpiece length - automatically loaded 200 mm 7.874 in
Maximum workpiece length (90-W configuration) 700+ mm 27.56+ in
Maximum radial travel of hob head (minimum - maximum position) 80 mm (10 - 90 mm) 3.150 in (0.400 - 3.54 in)
Maximum work spindle speed 1,500 rpm -
Hob Head
Maximum spindle speed 6,000 rpm -
Maximum hob diameter 65 mm 2.560 in
Maximum cutter width 180 mm 7.087 in
Maximum cutter shift 160 mm 6.300 in
Swivel range -115° +45°
Width 3.408 m 11.2 ft
Depth 2.325 m 7.7 ft
Height 2.135 m 7.0 ft
Weight 4,900 kg 10,780 lb
Total connected load 25 kVA
Main spindle motor 3.7 kW (22.1 Nm)
Electrical connection 480V, 3 phase, 60 Hz

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