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Build a shop full of gear experts.

Our gear school seminars and clinics are designed for entry-level gear manufacturing personnel including manufacturing management, engineers, supervisors, set-up technicians, operators, and quality control.

These intensive programs cover the basics of gear manufacturing from cutting to finishing, then through final inspection. With limited class sizes, our courses provide the optimum learning environment for attendees new to the industry and those with experience in need of a refresher.


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We teach the Fundamentals of Parallel Axis Gear Manufacturing.

Gear Inspection: AGMA, DIN

Proper Cutting Tool Use and Support

Cutting Tool Coatings

Automation Systems

Fixturing and Blanks

Production Estimation

Finishing Techniques

Skiving (Re-hobbing)

Equipment Demonstration


What participants say about the Helios Gear School.

I find the Gear School to be necessary with all the changing technology – it’s a must in the machining industry, really.



I really thought the tours were awesome! This whole experience in class was so beneficial and very rewarding to me.



As a beginner, I was amazed at how much I pulled away from the class. Excited to apply what I learned!



Our regional seminars and courses will resume in 2022.

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South Elgin
495 Airport Rd, Elgin, IL 60123, USA
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Charlotte, NC, USA
Hartford, CT, USA

More on the virtual Helios Gear School.

All tracks are 90 minutes per day, Monday through Thursday (4 days). Cost per attendee: $ 400 for 1 track, $ 700 for 2 tracks, $ 900 for 3 tracks.


Learn the true basics.

Topics covered include gear nomenclature (“how to speak gearing”), history of gear manufacturing, intro to hobbing, intro to shaping, intro to power skiving, cutting tool basics, cutting tool maintenance, and fundamentals of blanks and fixturing.


Comprehend the details to improve knowledge and abilities.

Topics covered include hob shifting, carbide re-hobbing (“skiving”), cutting tool materials and coatings, AGMA quality standards, analytical inspection (“how to read a chart”), heat treatment and hard finishing (“grinding”), and troubleshooting.


Explore fundamentals of manufacturing engineering.

Topics covered include production estimating for the hobbing, shaping, and worm milling processes, multi-thread hobs, advanced inspection, advanced fixturing and blanks, and advanced troubleshooting.

The new virtual Helios Gear School replicates a real classroom environment and is a live, private, and completely remote experience. All attendees must be engaged learners, willing to participate in discussion. To this end, we require each attendee to use an individual login with webcam video and audio, and a stable internet connection.

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