Prepare your gear hobbing and chamfer-deburring for productive and profitable manufacturing by installing a Helios stock machine special. These machines can be installed by year’s end for IRS Section 179 tax deduction benefits.

TM 200-R3

The Helios TM 200-R3 machine offers automatic chamfer-deburring of stackable parts up to 7.8″ outside diameter. This machine features 5 work stations that operate simultaneously to achieve top and bottom chamfer-deburring as well as top and bottom brushing. The machine produces finished parts in approximately 30 seconds.*

*Estimated cycle time. Large parts may require additional time.

Koepfer 200

The Koepfer 200 machine offers automatic hobbing of parts up to 7″ outside diameter. The Koepfer platform has been sold and supported by Helios for over 30 years, and it is a proven workhorse for job shops and high-volume production alike.

Year-End Clearance Specials

Take advantage of year-end tax deductions (IRS Section 179) with these fast-delivery options.


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