Helios offers improved fundamentals gear school

Helios Gear Products has taught its Fundamentals of Parallel Axis Gear Manufacturing seminar (“Gear School”) for over 30 years, and the company remains committed to supporting the industry. A combination of degreed and licensed engineers and educators teach the school, and as a vital tool for training gear industry personnel, the school has adapted to the demands of today’s COVID-19 world. This continues the training necessary to shrink the skills gap for gear manufacturers of all types and sizes.

“The industry needs an engaging fundamentals training solution for gear manufacturing, and old-school webinars just don’t cut it. It has been shown that simply watching slides and listening to a pre-recorded speaker are insufficient for educating,” said Adam Gimpert, Helios president. Learners need engagement and discussion to help reinforce concepts. The school should also offer the chance to grow a network of colleagues as valuable resources of information. To solve these challenges, Helios offers a unique training solution for manufacturers.

By using today’s internet infrastructure and modern software, the Helios Gear School offers a safe, remote, video environment where all participants are live and on-screen. This closely replicates the proven classroom learning environment where participants can naturally develop discussions from spontaneous questions. Compared to webinars, this format is more personal, engages attendees, and offers a stronger educational impact.

The Helios Gear School covers a wide range of gear manufacturing fundamentals. Topics include gear nomenclature (“how to speak gearing”), hobbing, shaping, grinding, inspection, AGMA standards, cutting tools, fixturing and blanks, automation systems, production estimation, and more. Even in today’s pandemic, manufacturers have safe, remote access to these resources to train personnel. Helios is proud to continue offering its education solutions.

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