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Bevel gear cutters offered in high speed steel and premium carbide materials for producing high quality straight bevel, spiral bevel, and hypoid gears.
HSS solid body cutters
HSS coniflex cutters
Carbide pentagonal stick blades
Carbide Oerlikon-type stick blades
Conikron cutters

Custom-designed and optimized to each unique part.

Optional tool stocking program for immediate deliveries.

Improved Tool Life

  • TiN 50% 50%
  • TiAIN 65% 65%
  • AiCrN 78% 78%
  • Altensa 100% 100%

More Parts-per-resharpening

  • HSS 50% 50%
  • MC90 75% 75%
  • Carbide 100% 100%

Your source for premium cutting tools.

Hobs, milling cutters, bevel cutters, and shaper cutters in both bore and shank-type designs, provided with material and coating options that promote the optimization of tool life and cost. Our team serves as your dedicated partner in the design, development, and delivery of each cutting tool solution.

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