Tecnomacchine 200-R3

Gear Deburring Machine with CNC Automation






  • A flexible solution for all job shops, accommodating gears up to 7.8” diameter. Larger work pieces accommodated by alternative TM models.
  • Features 5 work stations: 1 for loading and unloading, 2 for deburring, and 2 for finish brushing
  • Optimized cycle times produce finished work pieces in as little as 20 seconds for small parts (3” diameter) or 55 seconds for larger parts (7.8” diameter)
  • Simple automation capabilities with dual rotary magazines that feature 8 adjustable towers; 17.7" part height capacity offers hours of autonomous deburring production
  • Minimized setup, adjustment, and changeover time for maximum production
  • Equipped for a variety of component processing due to complete control of tool pressures, speeds, positions, and automatic tool wear compensation with end mills, cutoff wheels, and brushes
  • Mid-process quality assessment with the SPC (Statistical Process Control) station allows the operator to easily access workpieces in manual mode

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

The TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine offers the optimal balance between speed and versatility with flexible CNC automatic loading and unloading for sprockets, straight bevel gears, and spur and helical gears.

TM 200-R3 Technical Specifications

Maximum workpiece diameter 7.874 in
Minimum workpiece diameter 1.181 in
Workstations 5
Miniumum tool speed, deburring 10,000 rpm
Maximum tool speed, deburring 24,000 rpm
Automatic loading / unloading
Tool wear monitoring and compensation
Finish brushing
Warranty 12 months


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