TM 200-R3

Gear Deburring Machine with CNC Automation


Seconds Between Parts


Loading Towers


Work Stations

A flexible solution for all job shops:
Accommodating gears up to 7.8” diameter with larger workpieces accommodated by alternative TM models.

Features 5 work stations:
1 for loading and unloading, 2 for deburring, and 2 for finish brushing.

Optimized cycle times:
Producing finished work pieces in as little as 20 seconds for small parts (3” diameter) or 55 seconds for larger parts (7.8” diameter).

Simple automation capabilities:
Dual rotary magazines that feature 8 adjustable towers; 17.7" part height capacity offers hours of autonomous deburring production.

Minimized setup, adjustment, and changeover time for maximum production.

Equipped for a variety of component processing:
Complete control of tool pressures, speeds, positions, and automatic tool wear compensation with end mills, cutoff wheels, and brushes.

Mid-process quality assessment:
SPC (Statistical Process Control) station allows the operator to easily access workpieces in manual mode.


Minimal footprint for maximum production.


Conversational programming for quick, easy setup.


Quality components and construction.


Equipped to finish a variety of gear types and components.

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

The TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine offers the optimal balance between speed and versatility with flexible CNC automatic loading and unloading for sprockets, straight bevel gears, and spur and helical gears.

TM 200-R3 Technical Specifications

Deburring Top/Bottom ✓/✓
Brush Top/Bottom ✓/✓
Deburring Spindle Speed 24,000 rpm
Minimum workpiece OD 30 mm (1.181 in)
Maximum workpiece OD 200 mm (7.874 in)
Optional maximum workpiece OD 300 mm (11.811 in)
Maximum workpiece length 100 mm (3.937 in)
CNC work stations Optional
Workstation quantity 5
Automatic loading Rotary magazine towers
Spur Gears
Helical Gears
Straight Bevel Gears -
Spiral Bevel Gears -
Double Helical Gears -
Machine Width 2300 mm (90.551 in)
Machine Depth 1800 mm (70.866 in)
Machine Height 2240 mm (88.190 in)

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