MZ 130

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

20 DP

Max Pitch Rating


RPM Hob Speed


CNC Axes

High-speed direct-drive hob head with CNC shifting:
5,000 max rpm (hobbing), 8,000 max rpm (milling).

Flexible dialogue programming for:
One or two gears on a single workpiece.
Radial, axial, climb, and/or conventional hobbing on a single- or two-cut cycle.
Crowning (lead modification).
Deburring using two equal hobs.
Single- or multi-start worm milling for double worms with both right and left hand, and deburring at worm thread entry and/or exit.
Multi-start worm hobbing.
Miter gear (straight bevel) cutting by index milling or Conikron generating.

Cast iron base for superior dynamic stability.

Flexible automation systems.

Hydraulic deburring unit.

Optional re-hobbing (skiving) system.

Optional driven tailstock.


Up to eight CNC axes for application versatility.


Flexible automation system with special design options.


Hob shifting for evenly distributed cutting tool wear.


Part diameters up to 2.165" and shaft lengths up to 12.992".

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

The MZ 120 CNC gear hobbing machine from Monnier + Zahner offers universal hobbing and worm milling for the machining of spur and helical gears, worm wheels, worms, straight bevel gears, and other tooth profiles that can be manufactured by the hobbing or milling process.

MZ 130 Technical Specifications

Maximum pitch rating, gear hobbing 1.25 mn 20 DP
Maximum pitch rating, worm milling 2.00 mn 12 DP
Minimum number of teeth, gear hobbing 4 teeth -
Minimum number of teeth, worm milling 1 tooth -
Maximum workpiece diameter 55 mm 2.165 in
Maximum axial travel 250 mm 9.843 in
Maximum workpiece length - manually loaded 330 mm 12.992 in
Maximum workpiece length - automatically loaded 250 mm 9.843 in
Maximum distance between hob spindle and work spindle 30 mm 1.181 in
Maximum radial travel of hob head 80 mm 3.150 in
Maximum axial position of tailstock 250 mm 9.843 in
Hob Head
Maximum spindle speed, hobbing 5,000 rpm -
Maximum hob diameter 40 mm 1.575 in
Maximum milling cutter diameter 80 mm 3.150 in
Maximum cutter width 60 mm 2.362 in
Maximum Cutter Shift 60 mm 2.362 in
Swivel range -45° +127°
Machine Weight 3,500 kg 7,720 lb

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