Helios KFS 100

CNC Gear Tool Sharpening Machine


Max Diameter Rating


Max Length Rating


AGMA Quality

Equipped for heavy-duty sharpening of high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide tools:
Capabilities include bore- and shank-type tools, straight-gash hobs, milling cutters, and shaper cutters.
Designed for use of vitrified, CBN or diamond abrasive (resin-bonded or plated).
Optional spur and helical shaper cutter sharpening (KFS 100-SS) and helical- and spiral-gash hob sharpening (KFS 100-S).

Capabilities to meet AGMA AAA specifications.

Coolant filtration system integration into the machine bed to provide a 40% smaller footprint.

Precision, repeatability, and control with pre-loaded linear guideways.

Ergonomic and intuitive considerations for operator accessibility:
Easy-to-use software with conversational programming and storage of cutter data.
Fanuc CNC control of all four axes for automation-assisted setup while maximizing accuracy and repeatability.
Compact Fanuc CNC panel with touch-screen color display that stows into machine for safety and footprint optimization.
Pneumatic tailstock provides clamping pressure while grinding.
Accessible machine spindles for easy setup.
Maintenance ease with single-piece design for access to all machine systems.


Minimal footprint for maximum production.


Conversational programming for quick, easy setup.


Quality components and construction.


Equipped to sharpen variety of tools, hobs, and cutters.

Bolstering your quality and productivity.

Equipped for heavy-duty sharpening of high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide tools of both bore- and shank-type including straight-gash hobs, milling cutters, shaper cutters, and many others.

KFS 100 Technical Specifications

Maximum workpiece diameter rating 101.6 mm 4.000 in
Maximum workpiece length rating 152.4 mm 6.000 in
Maximum grinding wheel diameter 101.6 mm 4.000 in
Minimum grinding wheel diameter 50.8 mm 2.000 in
Maximum grinding travel 320.0 mm 12.598 in
Maximum radial travel 150.0 mm 5.906 in
Maximum center distance - work to grinding spindle 200.0 mm 7.874 in
Minimum center distance - work to grinding spindle 50.0 mm 1.969 in
Maximum tangential travel 100.0 mm 3.937 in
Number of gashes 1-99 -
Maximum grinding speed 12,000 rpm -

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