Helios K 160-R

Used Gear Hobbing Machine with Fanuc CNC

10 DP

Max Pitch Rating


RPM Hob Speed

Innovative hobbing and milling machine for spur and helical gears, worm gears, and other tooth profiles.

Updated with all-new Fanuc CNC package:
Servo motors, spindle motors, and electrical sub-panels.

Superior dampening from composite epoxy bed ensures the highest possible static, dynamic, and thermal stability.

Slant bed design for optimum strength and ergonomic position for operator access to the work area.

Innovative tailstock design provides compensation for extreme cutting forces while maintaining axis and workpiece alignments.

Optional features offering flexibility include:
Gantry automation system.
Auxiliary tool for deburring tools, steady rests, and special applications.
Re-hobbing (skiving) capability.
Timing of one gear to another gear on single workpiece or to an external or internal feature.


Up to eight CNC axes for application versatility.


Flexible automation system with special design options.


Hob shifting for evenly distributed cutting tool wear.


Part diameters up to 7.087" and shaft lengths up to 11.811".

The best of both: Koepfer + Fanuc.

The K 160-Repowered and K 200-Repowered machines combine the proven technology of Koepfer hobbing machines with industry-preferred Fanuc CNC control for reliability to suit tomorrow’s gear manufacturing needs, at a price to suit today's budget.

K 160-R Technical Specifications

Maximum module / diametral pitch 2.5 mn 10.00 DP
Minimum number of teeth 3 -
Maximum workpiece diameter -  manually loaded 140 mm 5.51 in
Maximum workpiece diameter -  manually loaded, long bed 100 mm 3.93 in
Maximum workpiece diameter -  automatically loaded 90 mm 3.54 in
Maximum axial travel 200 mm 7.87 in
Maximum axial travel - optional long bed 480 mm 18.89 in
Maximum workpiece length - manually loaded 350 mm 13.78 in
Maximum workpiece length - manually loaded, long bed 1,020 mm 40.157 in
Maximum workpiece length - automatically loaded 300 mm 11.81 in
Maximum workpiece length - automatically loaded, long bed 600 mm 23.62 in
Center distance of workpiece to cutter - minimum 0 mm 0 in
Center distance of workpiece to cutter - maximum 90 mm 3.54 in
Hob Head
Maximum cutter diameter 63 mm 2.48 in
Maximum cutter length 120 mm 5.11 in
Maximum cutter length - optional extended head 250 mm 9.84 in
Maximum cutter shift 100 mm 3.937 i
Maximum cutter shift - optional extended head 160 mm 6.3 in
Maximum swivel angle -45° +45°

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