Helios Gear Products is featuring world-class hobbing solutions including the proven Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine and the MSR rotary magazine with automatic loading at Motion + Power Technology Expo 2023

Hera CNC gear hobbing machines support micro- to coarse-pitch gear manufacturing applications with world-leading technical features such as complete Fanuc CNC and direct-drive torque motors, X-axis linear scales, easy-to-use (and train) dialog programming, and versatile unified automation systems. With globally competitive pricing, proven domestic support from the expert Helios team, and a unique combination of technical capabilities in a small footprint, the Hera machines offer both job shops and end-product gear manufacturers world-class hobbing solutions.

Of the 8 sizes of Hera machines available, Helios will be demonstrating the Hera 350’s ability to produce high-quality spur gears, helical gears, and other hobbed profiles with a maximum pitch rating of 4.23 DP. Jeff Kamps, Helios customer and President at Wisconsin Gear & Machine, says, “We’ve cut our cycle times down from 4 hours to 0.5 hour. It’s really been beneficial for Wisconsin Gear. With the shortage of people, it’s really made a big difference; we can still get a large volume of work done in a timely manner.” 

Advancing gear manufacturing productivity even further is the new MSR. This rotary magazine with automatic loading offers comprehensive, versatile automation by integrating manufacturing cells with operations such as gear generation, washing, deburring, and laser marking. The MSR features stackable workpiece towers that offer more capacity than rotary conveyors, and is offered with a variety of robotic loading options to feed up to 4 machine tools at a time for fully optimized gear manufacturing operations.

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