Koepfer America, LLC has served the North American gear manufacturing industry for over three decades. This history began with a small representation of Koepfer gear hobbing equipment, which at the time was part of the JKS, Joseph Koepfer and Sons, company. Koepfer products have included gear hobbing machines and gear cutting tools, and with diligent effort, Koepfer America established the “Koepfer name” as a source for premium technology, world-leading gear manufacturing automation, and quality technical service for the industry.

Over the last 30+ years, Koepfer America grew to include product offerings for several key aspects of gear manufacturing such as hobbing, shaping, inspection, deburring, automation, and consumable tools. Moreover, Koepfer America has bolstered entrepreneurial manufacturers of all types and sizes to competitively produce gears for the global market.

Consequently, today Koepfer America offers more than Koepfer hobbing equipment. As such, the company proudly announces an update to the Helios Gear Products brand to fully encompass its range of gear manufacturing solutions.

Helios Gear Products from Koepfer America offers machines and tools for gear manufacturers. The company continues to exclusively represent Koepfer models 160, 200, and 300 CNC gear hobbing equipment and also legacy Koepfer models. In addition, Helios products include the latest CNC machines for gear hobbing, shaping, grinding, milling, inspection, deburring, chamfering, and automation. The Helios brand also represents gear cutting tools and tools for hard finishing.

Helios Gear Products comprises gear manufacturing solutions for tomorrow’s competitive producers. Look for the updated brand at the Koepfer America booth at IMTS 2018 in the North Hall, booth number 236906!


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