Gear manufacturing in the energy industry.

As the factory sales and support organization for several world-leading OEMs, we serve as your technical partner and direct connection to the latest in gear manufacturing innovation. We focus on the unique challenges of each customer and provide only the most appropriate gear manufacturing solutions for each energy application.

Powering innovation in every industry.

Our commitment to personalized solutions has enabled us to support the success of gear manufacturers of all types and sizes that serve a breadth of areas including the automotive, aerospace, robotics, construction, agriculture, medical, mining, and many other industries.

Oil & Gas

We understand your focus on reliability and lifelong longevity, and we’ll work diligently to support your team in accomplishing your infrastructure goals with profitability and efficiency in mind.

As a complete solution provider we typically install, train, support, and service each new tool and machine project to ensure your adoption is seamless and effective.

Wind Energy

We support the development and production of wind energy powertrain componentry with a focus on optimizing precision and lifelong reliability. Our capabilities include gear hobbing, milling, shaping, and every aspect of gear finishing, and inspection to keep you on-time and on-budget.

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