Helios Introduces Hera 150 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine


Helios Gear Products exclusively introduces the Helios Hera 150 gear cutting solution from YG Tech to North American gear manufacturers. This CNC machine offers compact vertical hobbing for gears up to approximately 150 mm (6 in) diameter, which is ideal for many job shop, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, power tool, motion control, and medical manufacturers. Said Adam Gimpert, President of Helios, “Manufacturers of small gears will love the Hera 150 because it offers a versatile vertical hobbing platform with modern tech — all in a super-compact form factor.” 

The Hera 150 offers advanced technology such as FANUC 0i-MF control, X-axis linear scale for accurate repeatable control of size, work and cutter spindles with direct drive torque motors, automatic retract of X-axis at power failure, and more. With a globally competitive price, proven domestic support from Helios, small footprint, and a unique combination of technical capabilities, the Hera 150 offers gear manufacturers a world-class hobbing solution.

The Hera 150 offers 6 CNC axes (7 with automation), a 3.5 module (7.3 DP) pitch rating, and 2,500 rpm maximum hob speed. Additionally, this machine has a radial travel of 180 mm (7.086 in) from 15 mm (0.590 in) to 195 mm (7.677 in) center distance between the work and hob axes, which allows a wide range of part sizes for flexible gear cutting. For long cutting tools, the Hera 150 offers hob shifting up to 180 mm (7.087 in). The machine has a maximum tailstock position of 600 mm (23.622 in) and a total axial travel of 250 mm (9.842 in), which rounds out the machine’s versatility for manufacturers.

The base Hera 150 package also offers friendly dialog programming with visual examples to accelerate operator training. Operators can easily enter data on a large color touchscreen panel for cutting one or two gears on a single workpiece using single- or two-cut cycles with radial, axial, climb, or conventional hobbing (or any combination thereof). Additionally, crowning (lead modification) and automatic shifting over a damaged hob section are included. Manufacturers will appreciate the machine’s ease-of-use and how quickly new operators reach productivity.

The machine’s compact enclosure is enveloped at 3.200 m (10.50 ft) wide by 2.190 m (7.19 ft) deep by 2.480 m (8.14 ft) high. Additionally, the machine offers safety features such as electro-mechanical interlock and a splashguard door. The machine’s cast iron base provides superior dampening and stability for extreme cutting conditions. David Harroun, Vice President of Helios Gear Products said, “The Hera 150 is an affordable, high-tech hobbing solution that offers gear manufacturers productivity without consuming valuable shop space.”

The YG Tech Co., Ltd., owner of the “Hera” brand, has constructed gear cutting machine tools since 1963, and the Hera series started in 2004, having grown to hundreds of installations around the world. Helios Gear Products is excited to offer and support the Hera line in North America with 30+ years of experience in machines, tools, engineering, and technical support.

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