In 1999, the global gear manufacturing industry suffered from limited choices of CNC gear tool sharpening equipment. Consequently, Helios Gear Products began development of an American designed, American-built machine tool dedicated for resharpening hobs, shaper cutters, and milling cutters. Today, 20 years later, these “KFS” machines have been installed on 4 continents. Said Adam Gimpert, President of Helios, “Our KFS series provides manufacturers around the globe a top-quality solution dedicated and focused on gear tool resharpening.”

Helios continues to develop the KFS line with the latest features dedicated to gear manufacturers. The machine’s easy-to-use interface offers manufacturers a turnkey solution with minimal learning curve. Each machine processes dozens of gear tools per shift, including bore- and shank-type tools, straight- and helical-gash hobs, milling cutters, and shaper cutters. The KFS 100 is rated for tools up to 4.0” diameter whereas the KFS 250 is rated for tools up to 10.0” diameter. These workhorses easily meet AGMA AAA specifications, which ensures hob quality is maintained as a result of the resharpening process.

Manufacturing personnel also prefer the KFS’s ergonomic features, such as comfortable access to all spindles (grinding, work, and onboard dresser), integrated crane for assisted loading of large tools, and a filtration system on rails integrated in the machine bed for easy service.

Under the hood, the KFS series offers several state-of-the-art features. The centrifuge filtration system provides a clarity level of 2-5 microns for efficient grinding, and because it is integrated into the bed, it minimizes the machine’s footprint, saving valuable shop floor space. The machines utilize the latest Fanuc CNC systems, precision pre-loaded linear guideways, high-speed grinding spindles, and direct-drive motors for ultimate quality.

The KFS CNC gear tool sharpeners are proudly developed, built, and serviced by Helios Gear Products, LLC in South Elgin, Illinois. As Helios looks to the next 20 years of the KFS series, additional improvements are planned. The KFS will remain the leading dedicated gear tool resharpening solution across the globe for its robust set of features, high productivity, and AAA accuracy performance.

About Helios Gear Products, LLC

Helios Gear Products, LLC specializes in the parallel axis gear industry and offers hobbing machines with optional automatic loading systems, worm and thread milling machines, gear inspection equipment, deburring and chamfering machines, consumable tools (including hobs, gear grinding and honing wheels), hob and shaper cutter sharpening machines, and expert services for hob sharpening and part inspection. Helios products are used worldwide, and our experience gives us the edge in contributing to the productivity and efficiency of our customers. Helios Gear Products, LLC services the North American market for YG Tech, Monnier + Zahner / Lambert−Wahli, Tecnomacchine, and Tyrolit−MIRA. Helios also offers cooperative sales and service with Kapp Technologies and Penta Gear Metrology.

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Adam Gimpert
Helios Gear Products, LLC
Telephone: 847-931-4121
Email: agimpert@heliosgearproducts.com
Website: heliosgearproducts.com


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