Helios Gear Products from Koepfer America will show several state-of-the-art gear manufacturing solutions at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, September 10–15, 2018.

As the company continues to exclusively represent Koepfer models 160, 200, and 300 CNC hobbing machines and legacy models, it will show the Koepfer 200 CNC gear hobbing machine with second-generation Vektor CNC at IMTS. This K 200 remains the world-leading solution for productive fine-pitch hobbing. This is due to its flexible automation, compact size, relatively large cutting capacity, and next-generation control with dialogue programming through a contemporary app-style interface. The Helios K 200 cuts parts up to 7” diameter, 11.8” long, rated up to 8.5 DP.

Secondly, Helios will show the MZ 1000 D-drive, a high-performance precision hobbing machine with 8 CNC axes for ultra-fine to fine-pitch parts. With dual direct-drive synchronized work and tailstock spindles running on Bosch CNC, this machine is an ideal hobbing solution for small parts up to 25 DP. To complete this package, the machine also features integrated gantry automation.

Finally, IMTS attendees will see the Helios TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine. This machine is perfect for job shops with gears up to 7.8” diameter, as it features CNC automatic loading/unloading to/from flexible carousel-type magazines. The TM 200-R3 uses 4 work stations with cutoff wheels, high-speed end mills, and/or brushes to produce finished parts approximately every 20 seconds (3” diameter parts) to 55 seconds (7.8” diameter parts). This machine allows manufacturers to reduce deburring labor costs and increase quality and reliability.

Helios Gear Products from Koepfer America is excited to display these gear manufacturing solutions at IMTS. Visit us in booth 236906 in Gear Pavilion in the North Hall!


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