“Our Koepfer America legacy was built on offering gear manufacturers a workhorse hobbing platform.”

“Today, the Hera lineup offers that same solution but in a variety of sizes to suit manufacturers of very fine pitch gearing, all the way up to large, course-pitch gearing,” explains Adam Gimpert, president of Helios Gear Products. More specifically, manufacturers have grown to love the Hera 90 for it’s ability to perform high speed hobbing operations and support worm milling needs on the exact same platform, with robust integrated automation options for high volume production.

As Helios equips manufacturers across North America with the capabilities of the Hera 90, feedback from machine shops and manufacturers alike has been resounding satisfaction from leadership and excitement from operators. Helios’s Edgar Ixpata recalls many machinists explaining, “the setup times are a lot shorter compared to other machines,” and operators he supports will often text him after installation with excitement that they love the capability of the machine, and that they “can set it up and just push play.”

Jason Spitzer agrees, stating that “one of the biggest differences is the fact that Hera hobbing machines have a control that’s intuitive and so easy to learn. Whether it’s taking a new operator and training them how to run the machine, or retaining veteran personnel; when you’ve got the new technology, it’s really going to make an employee stay and want to continue to work on the equipment.”

“One customer that I’m really proud of is Chris and the guys at Avers Machine. They’re running jobs that previously took days, now in a matter of hours. They’re able to change over from part-to-part in minutes, which has really improved their efficiency and opened the door to more and different work,” continues Jason.

The Helios team is offering free machine demos at their location in South Elgin, IL and free gear manufacturing process consultation through Microsoft Teams.

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