New CNC gear chamfer-deburring machines increase profitability for job shops and high-mix manufacturing

“Gear manufacturers need a new level of gear chamfer-deburring that offers quick and easy setups with repeatable high quality,” said Adam Gimpert, president of Helios Gear Products. To meet this demand, Helios announces new CNC advances to its line of Tecnomacchine chamfer-deburring machine tools. These CNC improvements offer manufacturers a machine platform with maximum flexibility for a high mix of part sizes and types including spur and helical gears, bevel gears, bore- and shaft-type parts, and others. These abilities are driven by a new CNC system that programmatically controls all factors for the chamfer-deburring process. This equips manufactures with a process that is easy to set-up and change-over for reliable and consistent quality.

Several factors impact successful chamfer-deburring with abrasive wheels and carbide end mills. These include the tool position (radial, axial, tangential, and inclination), tool pressure, tool rotation speed, tool rotation direction, workpiece rotation direction, and workpiece rotation speed. Traditional machine tool deburring often requires manually setting several if not all these items. Today, Helios offers its gear chamfer-deburring machine tools with friendly dialog programming of all these items. This allows a setup technician to store a complete application to later be recalled by the CNC with just a few software steps. Additionally, tool spindles can be configured with brushing units for CNC brushing within the same chamfer-deburring cycle.

As one example, manufacturers use the Helios TM 250-CNC machine for profitable gear chamfer-deburring. This machine features a rotating table with two stations: one for loading/unloading parts by hand or integrated robot; the second for chamfer-deburring and brushing of the workpiece. This feature minimizes machine idle team and drastically improves productivity of the solution. Moreover, the machine implements a complete CNC system for the abovementioned abilities: quick and easy changeovers from saved setups of all tool and work positions and parameters. Changeovers can be accomplished in just a few minutes rather than the traditional 30-45 minutes.

For productive gear chamfer-deburring, the new series of Tecnomacchine equipment from Helios Gear Products offers manufacturers an ideal machining solution. With complete CNC functionality, these machines minimize changeover time, maximize repeatable quality, are easily programmed, and minimize idle time. Consequently, gear manufacturers can achieve top levels of productivity from their chamfer-deburring operations.


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