Grinding tools backed by application engineers increase productivity for gear manufacturers.

Demand for ground gears continues to grow, especially in the automotive and truck power transmission industries. Consequently, manufacturers need improved solutions for abrasive tools. Helios Gear Products has supported manufacturers and this need for decades with world-leading tools for the hard finishing of gears. Today, Helios announces the latest line of abrasives backed with dedicated application engineers specifically for gear manufacturers. These tools cover all applications for gearing, including form grinding wheels, continuous generating grinding wheels, diamond dressing tools, honing rings, bevel grinding cups, and traditional solutions for OD and ID grinding. Moreover, gear manufacturers rely on the Helios team of dedicated application engineers to improve their gear grinding success.

Gear grinding means quality, so manufacturers require state-of-the-art abrasive tools. The Helios abrasives line includes such tools that use the latest technology for ceramic and aluminum oxide grains and bonds. For example, the Tyrolit Burka-Kosmos Mira Ice series of form (single-profile) grinding wheels use the latest grains combined with an innovative, high-strength bond system and increased porosity to achieve industry-leading “cool” grinding. Put simply, Mira Ice enables gear manufacturers to push the envelope on speeds and feeds. Said Tim Lee, Technical Sales Manager – Hard Finishing from Helios, “It is not uncommon for gear manufacturers to decrease cycle times 20–30% by switching to an optimized grinding wheel technology, such as Helios’s Mira line. Additionally, manufacturers can extend tool life dramatically by optimizing their processes (engineering their applications) with the Helios team.”

Several solutions comprise the rest of the Helios abrasives line for gear manufacturers. These tools for generating grinding, tool dressing, honing (with the industry’s shortest lead times), and bevel gear grinding meet the Helios standard of globally competitive manufacturing solutions. Many of these tools are manufactured in technically cutting-edge European and U.S. factories, and they equip manufacturers to serve global markets.

It is not uncommon for gear manufacturers to decrease cycle times 20–30% by switching to an optimized grinding wheel technology…

Tim Lee

Technical Sales Manager – Hard Finishing

Better grinding. Better gears.

Choosing a tool specification (“spec”) can be a daunting task. Some manufacturers make a conservative choice and use a traditional spec employed at relatively slow speeds and feeds. By leaning on the Helios team of application engineers, gear manufacturers can reap the benefits offered by contemporary wheel specs. After manufacturers establish an open communication channel, Helios engineers become a powerful tool for the gear manufacturer’s team. Consequently, Helios advises on optimal wheel specs to push the limits of an application’s cycle times, tool life, and part quality. “Successful manufacturers know that what comes in the box is not just a grinding tool but also the team of engineers to support it. By literally using the Helios team, manufacturers can stay at the top of their game,” said David Harroun, Vice President from Helios.

Gear manufacturers rely on Helios abrasives for profitably productive grinding. By using Helios engineers for application support, manufacturers optimally use their resources: tool life, machining time, and tool costs. For future grinding jobs, gear manufacturers should contact Helios Gear Products and speak with an engineer. They can learn more at

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