“Everybody’s dream is to have their shop function as a well-oiled machine. Every single year we’re making the right strides to get to that dream.”
Dayton Gear partnered with Helios Gear Products to install a new Hera 200 CNC gear hobber, followed shortly after by a Hera 500 CNC gear hobber. Helios had a chance to check-in with Adam Baird and Brian Baird at Dayton Gear to see how their production has changed since the installation, and how they’re planning and looking forward to the future.

“The productivity those things put out is insane… say a part took 30 minutes on one of our old machines, the Hera 200 is cutting the part in 2 minutes; it’s that big of a difference.” After experiencing the productivity gains of the Hera 200, “it just proved the point even more to go with the Hera 500,” explains Brian.

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