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Helios Gear Products has partnered with Kapp Technologies to host a Colorado gear school, September 12-14, 2023 in Boulder, CO. This intensive three-day program covers the basics of gear manufacturing from cutting to finishing, then through final inspection, and is designed for entry-level gear manufacturing personnel including manufacturing management, industrial engineers, supervisors, set-up technicians, operators, and quality control.

With a limited class size of 35, the course provides the optimum learning environment for attendees new to the industry and those with experience in need of a refresher.

Nathan from General Motors describes the course as an excellent experience, mentioning that the “instructors were very friendly, and it was nice to see a wide variety of equipment and processes.” Beyond the classroom the course features machine demonstrations at Kapp Technologies and immersive plant tours at Aerocom Industries. “They did a great job including everyone, making it an interactive class, and the tours were a great addition” says Harrison of Amarillo Gear. The 2023 course features gear manufacturing industry expert instructors from Helios Gear Products and Kapp Niles to offer a wide variety of perspectives and operational experiences.

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September 12-14, 2023  |  Boulder, CO

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