Every shop needs access to consistent processes
for high quality gear manufacturing.

Gear deburring, chamferring, and brushing are essential final operations that remove burrs and sharp edges from gear teeth, promoting proper wear and smooth operation. For shops committed to delivering the highest quality gears that enhance system longevity, efficiency, and safety for the end-customer, gear deburring is a must.

Contact our application engineering team today to get started on a quote! All manually-adjusted deburring machines are discounted 25% through Q3, with final offers due at IMTS 2024 on September 14th.

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Deburring Process

Tecnomacchine is an advanced design and production company based in Italy that specializes in deburring and automation equipment for gear manufacturers. They have designed a breadth of tooling options that cater to the unique needs of gear manufacturers.

Brush Deburring
Cost-effective, versatile options for high-volume batch gear processing.

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End Mill Deburring
Advanced depth, speed, and feed rate control for detailed versatility across geometry and material types.

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Cutoff Wheel Deburring
Fast, precision finishing for gears of various materials that require exact tolerances.

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Heavy Deburring
Disk-cutting to shear away large burrs, common at the tooth root of larger gears.

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